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2023 - 2024 Registration


There is an early bird discount of $50 for members registering before June 14th.

We have done the numbers! The cost for your musicians to be part of the WVYB is between $4-$6 per rehearsal, depending on their level. 

Please review the following instructions before proceeding to the registration link below.

The WVYB Society is a non-profit society with all proceeds directed towards our Music Programming for Youth. We try to keep our registration fees reasonable. Help us do this by paying by transfer or cheque.  This results in the WVYB music programs receiving 100% of the funds paid.

Thank you!

Two payment options:  Cheque and Transfer (email address The Transfer or Cheque options are done as either one payment at the time of registration or three post-dated payments (see Fees page for details).

Privacy Policy: Respecting the privacy and security of WVYB members' and donors’ personal information is important to us. 

Fees: Please review our Fees page. All fees, fee reductions, and additional amounts are shown. No refunds will be given after October 31st or 30 days after registration, whichever is later. There is an early bird discount of $50 for members registering before June 14th.

Registering On-Line:

When you click on the registration link below, you will be directed to a secure sign-in page. If you are new to the WVYB, choose "New User" at the bottom right of that page. Otherwise, log on with your existing username and password.

E-Mail: It is important that you provide a valid e-mail address to receive registration confirmations, payment receipts, and communication from the WVYB. Please set any e-mail filters to allow e-mail from &

Multiple Family Members: If you register more than one member, you must register them one at a time. After posting the first member's registration, log in again and register the second member.

Note: as you fill in the registration form details, the form will occasionally "refresh". When that occurs, just scroll back down and continue entering your information.

Expectations of all Members: By enrolling your child in the band and or Strings, you become a member of the West Vancouver Youth Band Society. There are certain expectations for both the musicians and their parents. Click HERE for an outline of the WVYB expectations.

If you have any questions, please e-mail 

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